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Urban Retreat

A Day of Care


Date: TBA

Our lives spin faster and faster, and there are few moments to refuel, replenish and regroup. We are often overwhelmed, managing deadlines, families and our own journeys within. We created Apapacho because we want to offer a space for you to let go, be taken care of fully.  

We will gather in circle sharing, in the summer months you can lounge around the warm salt-water pool and garden,  take a yoga or movement class, enjoy lunch together, enjoy some group bodywork, an aquatic workshop, then close the day back in circle with music and integration.  


  Hosted by Millie Tresierra and Jennie Anstey 


Healthy Brunch

In my early 20's, I read the book "El Albergue de las Mujeres Tristes" by Marcela Serrano. It affected me deeply and set an intention in my young heart for build community in my own way for the women "in my village" to find respite and a restful place to regroup. Almost 25 years later, I am a mother of two, and I work as a doula, supporting and witnessing the intense transformational energy of birth and motherhood. I have been blessed with the gift of community, and sisters like Jennie to walk the path with me and share the joys and hardships. It has been our greatest passion to co-create a space in which women can come and simply rest and be taken care of. To be "apapachadas" as my Mamama used to say: nurtured, fed, massaged, tucked in. 
We are happy to share our offering with full hearts, sharing our experience, our skills and love with the community."

-Millie Tresierra, Doula, Homeopath-Naturopath

“When life is spinning fast, you are doing your best to balance everything and yet you just need a break, a little get-away! We are offering that time and space to you. This is a time to gather, move your body, rest, share your thoughts, be fed lunch, to enjoy group bodywork and aquatic massage, be handed a cup of warm tea, and to cozy up in a closing circle with music and song. This day gives you the space to integrate, to be cared for and be listened to.


There are many techniques on the healing path, but this is simply a day of love and care, listening, restoring, nurturing and resting. I am so happy to work with Millie as we share this common vision.”

- Jennie Anstey, Osteopath

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