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Therapeutic Aquatic Bodywork: Spine

Continuing Education Training

  • Starts Jul 25
  • 530 Canadian dollars
  • Jennie's Outdoor Pool


This is a continuing education course with a prerequisite of the Therapeutic Aquatic Bodywork: Foundation Course or equivalent. Those attending must have anatomy-physiology training, as well as some manual experience in their field. If you do not have a professional bodywork training background you can consider the AquaVie Trainings which are open to the public. This workshop gives new tools to work with the spine from the pelvis to the skull. The techniques are inspired by Aquahara, Dolphin Dance and Aquatic Osteopathy. This course is 90% practical in the water and 10% biomechanical review, testing and theory. Course objectives: -Approaches to work in all spatial plans with the client, with and without head supports. -Biomechanical revision of the axes of the pelvis (transverse, oblique, A-P, Vertical), SI, coxo-femoral and and pubic symphysis anatomy -Biomechanical revision of spinal ranges of motion, waveform development and Delmas Index -Biomechanical revision of cranial motions and SSB strain patterns and identification of patterns via palpation and observation of cranial morphologies -Reflections on classic testing techniques (Sphinx, Faber, Gillet, Gaenslen, etc) in the aquatic environment -Normalizations of the spine via aquatic dynamic techniques, pumping and undulations Full Payment upon registration is preferred by e-transfer to for the total of $530 plus tax= $609.37. If that is not possible if you are an international student, you can pay online here when you register.

Cancellation Policy

There is a 48 h cancellation policy for trainings. If you cancel 48h before the start time you may receive a full refund. After this time you may transfer your spot to someone else.

Course Dates

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