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Therapeutic Aquatic Bodywork Training

 Bring your practice to the water

Therapeutic Aquatic  Bodywork  is used to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including back pain, joint stiffness, and mobility issues. The buoyancy of water reduces the impact of gravity on the body, allowing for easier movement and decreased pain during exercises and manipulations. Additionally, hydrostatic pressure can help reduce swelling and improve circulation.  This program is based on aquatic osteopathy and taught by three osteopaths with decades of experience in their field.  It involves the application of osteopathic principles and techniques in a water-based  environment which is evolving as a specialized form of therapy.  Craniosacral principles and various manual therapy techniques are taught.  We open this course not just to osteopaths, but other health professionals with palpatory skills and prior training in anatomy and physiology and who are certified in their field.


Health and Movement Professionals seeking to expand into aquatic therapy, this course serves as a prerequisite for advanced modules. Participants need anatomy-physiology knowledge and manual therapy experience. Covering aquatic therapy fundamentals and safety, it equips attendees with skills to integrate water-based interventions effectively into their practice.


This course is an exploration and application of different approaches to therapeutic work with infants: breastfeeding problems, digestive discomforts, torticolis, cranial tensions  sleep problems and abnormally present archaic reflexes.  A half-day of the course will be dedicated to working with invited babies for practical experience.

Dynamic Spine

After a review of the biomechanical review of the axes of spinal, sacro-iliac and spheno-basilar movements we reflect on the classic placements of testing in the aquatic environment.  Dynamic techniques of articular normalization of spinal mobility are reviewed with and without floation aids, and above and below the surface.

These courses can be completed over  a period of several years.  Once you complete the Foundation Course (or apply with proof of an equilivant training background), you can enroll in the advanced classes such as the Pediatric or Dynamic Spine Continuing Education in Therapeutic Aquatic Bodywork.

Your teachers 

Would you like to teach with us?

We would like to thank those who have participated in the past in our training courses.  We have received requests over the years for learning about how to bring this work to your community.  We would like to help you and we believe it's important to collaborate in the development of aquatic therapies.

We firmly believe that by working together we can help these approaches to evolve and mature.  It is with this in mind that we are proposing a series of steps to prepare those who may eventually be called upon to teach.  If any of you are interested in teaching the material learnt in our workshops, we encourage you to do so.  At the same time, it's important for us to make sure that these teachings are in line with the principles we hold dear, because we've put a lot of years and energy into developing these approaches. It's often through trial and error that we've been able to determine what works and what to avoid.  

Preparation for teaching over 3 years:

1st year:

Re-attend the course as a student, allowing in-depth integration at 50% off the course price, with space-dependent considerations.

2nd year:

Attend the course free of charge as an assistant. Start taking charge of certain parts of the course.

3rd year:

Teach a course under the supervision of one of us.


AquaVie Aquamassage Trainings

No prior experience or background is needed for the AquaVie Trainings. They are open to anyone dedicated to learn. Take one or take them all! 

Not sure which courses to take?
What training series is for me?

Open to Health Professionals with anatomy and palpatory training such as osteos, physios, chiros, massage therapists, kinesologists, physicians or others upon review of your background.

Therapeutic Aquatic Bodywork Trainings

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