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Baja Bliss Retreat

 Aquatic Bodywork at Balandra Bay and on Espiritu Santo Island
October 10-15, 2018
2025 date TBA

Aquatic Bodywork 

Kayaking and Snorkeling in secluded locations

Camping & Dining on Isla Espiritu Santo

Luxurious Accommodations in La Paz

Swimming with the Sea Lions

Private boat charter, guide and chef

Whale Shark excursion: the gentle-giants of this area

Possible visits from wild dolphins, turtles

Treat yourself to a trip of a lifetime in some of the most beautiful, calm waters of the world! 

Swim with the Sea Lions  

Observe how they move and undulate

Swim in close 

Interact and be inspired

The last time I swam with them our bodies intertwined in a playful dance I'll never forget!

Our time spent together in this beautiful location will focus on surrendering to the wisdom of the elements: earth, water, air, fire and ether.   Taking the time to feel your body and open it in the vast ocean, brings us naturally into spaciousness of the heart.  When we undulate between form and formlessness we become centred and present.  We can transform our bodies into vehicles of service at all scales of creation, atomic to cosmic.  


You do not need to be a therapist to attend this course and it is open to anyone willing to dive into the inner workings of the body, clear their mind and receive messages from spirit.  You can bring a partner or come on your own.  For those who are therapists and looking to bring their bodywork practice to the water, this is the perfect course to inspire and learn.  

What you will learn

Primary Respiration: Rhythmic Impulses of the Breath of Life

Partnered holds above and below the surface to practice listening, giving and receiving

Craniosacral patterns and tidal forces in the fluid body which emerge and undulate

Approches to visceral, cranial, endocrine and nervous system balancing

Unwinding and opening the fascia to restore harmony, flexibility and alignement

Group games, exercises, sound, movement and mediation as a 'pod' of collective consciousness


Oct.10th:  Arrival in Hotel Catedral, in La Paz, Mexico.  4-6pm Opening circle in the pool & orientation with our guide, Francisco Yuen, for island trip.  Then free-time and diner in La Paz.  

Oct.11th:  8am Breakfast. 9am Ride out to Balandra Bay and group hike over the hills to enjoy the spectacular views.  We will arrive at a beautiful secluded bay with natural shade; a perfect setting for aquatic work in warm, shallow waters.  We will begin with prayer offerings to the earth and ancestors of these lands, asking for guidance during our time visiting. Then begins our introduction to aquatic bodywork and exploration.  We will break for lunch to eat on the beach (packed lunch included). We will have more bodywork in the afternoon, then an opportunity to snorkel. We return to La Paz at 5pm for free-time and dinner. 

Oct.12th:  8am Breakfast.  9am Boat ride out to base camp on Espiritu Santo Island.  Bodywork in late morning and after lunch.  Free-time and an opportunity to kayak and observe dolphins, turtles, marine life.  Enjoy meals on the beach and camp under the stars.

Oct.13th: Sea lion trip in the morning, where we will be able to get out to swim with them.  Bodywork in late morning and after lunch.  Free-time and opportunity for an evening hike with our guide Yuen.  Sharing stories and camping in fresh air at night!

Oct.14th:  Gathering in the water in the morning, closing with hot sand burial to really ground and surrender all the memories and patterns which emerged.   After lunch, we leave the island and our boat excursion will include a trip to see the gentle-giant whale sharks if the season permits. Return to La Paz, by 5pm at Hotel Catedral.  Dinner and free-time.

Oct.15th:  Good-bye breakfast, optional practice time in the pool and check-out.  May we meet again....


Fees and Payment

$1795 CAN per person


  • Intro to Aquatic Bodywork open to the public and professionals 

  • 5 nights accommodation (3 at Hotel Catedral and 2 camping)

  •  tents, thermarest pads, kayaks

  •  land transportation to and from Balandra Bay

  •  beverages, meals (from breakfast on Oct.11 to breakfast on Oct.15) 

  •  island permits, motor boat transportation to and from island, guides and chef

  •  Sea Lion Colony excursion, Whale Shark Excursion, and other snorkelling excursions by boat.  


  • Dinners on 10,11th and 14th while on free time in La Paz

  • Tips for our guides

  • Airfare and transport to and from the La Paz airport (it's very close to our hotel)


Cancellation Policy and Planning

Your spot is 100% refundable until September 10th,  50% refundable until Sept 24th and there are no refunds after that.  You may transfer your spot to someone else at anytime who may take your place instead.

More information will be forwarded to you closer to our departure date. I suggest you book flights in advance and you'll have to arrive by the evening of Oct.10th. You can fly directly into La Paz, Mexico, which is the easiest and only 10 minutes from our hotel, La Cathedral. It is possible to fly into Los Cabos and take a 3 hour bus ride from there and the bus drops you into the downtown core of La Paz very close to our hotel. I did that once, but it's an extra half day of travel.

We are doing a short ceremony the evening of Oct.10th to greet everyone from 4-6pm at our hotel. When looking at return flights, book as of the 15th minimum. We will be back by Oct.14th from camping on Isla Espiritu Santo and that evening is included at the hotel as well as morning breakfast on the 15th. The morning of the 15th there will be an optional practice time at the hotel pool. I will be there in the morning to supervise.  If you have never received aquatic bodywork before, I advise you to book a session with someone in your area before attending the retreat.

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