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Let's deep dive within
Trainings and Classes can be booked now online with our team.

What to wear

Plan to wear or bring comfortable undergarmets for the session.  Bra and underwear is ideal or some people prefer to wear shorts.   For aquatic sessions you need to wear a bathing suit, and bring a towel, robe, toiletries. You will have a private changing area.

Prepare and Arrive

Arrive well hydrated.  Plan to arrive 10 min before your session to use the bathroom before and fill out the provided forms if it's a first session.  When the session is over please respect the length of time we agreed upon when booking.

Cancellation policy

100% of the session fee is charged when the session is cancelled within 24h for office sessions and 48h for aquatic sessions.   If you need to cancel your appointment, you are responsible to do so via the confirmation e-mail sent to you when you booked the time.  E-mail me if you are having any trouble doing this.

Payment and Directions

The fee is payable at the beginning of the session by cash or cheque. If you are paying by e-transfer, please send the payment before your session.  I issue insurance receipts.  The address and door code will be sent via e-mail reminders.  


Warm Pools to Rent Around Montreal

For those looking to bring their practice to the water and are looking for what options there are to book a warm therapy pool (90-95 degrees celsius)

Spa Escale Santé

Indoor 'pool' (very small more like a hot tub).  Note that this pool may not be for rent in regular hours (usuallly an hour before the spa opens).  Contact 

Montreal (Rosemont), QC

Jennie Anstey

Outdoor private pool (June-Sept).  For sessions (half pool) or courses of 8-10 people (full pool).

You can book here.

Montreal (CSL), QC

Centre Sablon

Indoor public pool (rental is feasible for classes, but for private sessions it would be expensive).  Inquire here

Montreal (Plateau), QC

Marianne Derycke

Outdoor pool (June -Sept).  Marianne does Wataflow sessions and you can contact her ( to book for your therapeutic sessions.

Montreal (Plateau) , QC

Joanie Proulx

Indoor private pool for individual sessions or small groups of 4.

You can contact Joanie at Bulles.  

Laval, QC


Indoor Float Pool for babies, which may have rental per hour options for private sessions.

Laval, QC

Jodie Duplisea

Indoor private pool for individual sessions or small groups of 4.

Jodie also works at Jennie's pool in CSL in the summer so you can book an Aquamassage session with her to recieve her magic.  You can contact Jodie for more info.

Val David, QC

Marianne Siskind

Indoor pool which may be availiable for rent for private sessions

Beloeil, QC

Christine Diguer

Outdoor private pool (June -Sept) for sessions or small groups

Verchères, QC

Sur les Toits du Monde

Indoor pool which is not normally heated to warm-water heat, but for a fee you can pay to have it heated for groups (can fit about 16 depending on your activity) or group individual sessions together in a day or so and share the cost with another aquatic collegue. 

Hatley, QC

Action Physio +

Indoor Pool (86 degrees), which could be possible for some group activites, but not warm enough for longer private therapeutic sessions.  You can contact here for any other contacts in this area.

Trois-Rivieres, QC

If you have a pool to rent or know of one, please send a message to add your contact.  

We are ALWAYS looking for places to bring aquatic bodywork to our community and for our students to work!

Let's keep the network growing!

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