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AquaVie Training


Carole Dion is the creator of this approach and it is the fruit of 50 years of her experience working in the water.

There is no professional pre-requisite to take this training, as it's designed to be easy for anyone to learn and has a comprehensive mentorship to correct and guide you during the training. It is different to Watsu, Janzu, Aquahara or Aquatic Osteopathy so it is a great complement to other aquatic bodywork approaches in water.


Designed to develop body awareness, mobility, flexibility and draw inspiration from the fluidity of water. In this course you learn wave patterns  in your own body and subdance sequences.

AquaVie 1

  The basics of  aqua- massage where the focus is not only to release muscle tension, but to propagate wave patterns throughout the skeletal structure with precise and rhythmic techniques.

AquaVie 2

This second course adds many precise techniques along the spine, limbs and head.  You learn a full body protocol which allows spiralling forces to propagate throughout the body.

AquaVie 3

This course is done underwater with the client using a mask or nose plugs.  These advanced techniques  require  breath control and deep states of relaxation are jewels of this work.

Each course entitles you a certificate of hours, but to receive a full AquaVie diploma, these steps are the essentials to the entire training. Other steps outside the class hours are:

Practice Hours

There are 10 hours of practice sessions per level required before booking a mentorship appointment with a teacher to check on your work.


Group review sessions are organized to guide you through the techniques and at the end of your training there is a 1:1 session required with a teacher.

First Aid

Aquatic First Aid Certification is  suggested by the time you finish the program and re-certification is generally once every 2 years.

These courses can be completed over  a period of several years and not necessarily in order depending on your schedule if you are intending to do the full training.  If you are new to this approach and would like to do just one course first to see how you enjoy this work, you may do so, although AquaVie 3 requires at least the Aquamouvance course or equilivant upon review of your background.

We work in very precise and rhythmic ways to align and restructure the body. Students who have taken other aquatic bodywork approaches in the water will learn new techniques. Osteopaths will see similarities with this method and the General Osteopathic Treatment (GOT) techniques, so it is a great complement to their work.
  • AquaYoga – Subdanse – Nage ondulatoire – AquaMassage

    Starts Jun 14

    430 Canadian dollars
  • Aquamassage (Surface)

    Starts Jun 21

    795 Canadian dollars
  • Aquamassage Avancé (Surface)

    Starts Jul 19

    795 Canadian dollars
  • Aquamassage (Underwater) sous l'eau

    Starts Aug 23

    795 Canadian dollars

Undulatory swimming - AquaYoga - Subdanse - AquaMassage

Body awareness workshops based on undulation to promote ease, energy balance and health

Join us in a new era of mobility in the water 

Aquamouvance is for every body!!

Aquamouvance, also known as aquatic yoga or aqua yoga, although distinct from traditional yoga adapted to water, constitutes an original and innovative method.  At its core this practice relies on the movement of the wave within the body, a fundamental essence that guides each exercise and session.  By adopting undulating movements, participants release physical and mental tension, improve flexibility and regain natural ease in their movements.

The use of a diving mask in certain exercises offers optimal freedom and ensures respiratory comfort during exercises. Learning to let go and maintain regular, calm breathing is at the heart of each session, inviting participants to fully immerse themselves in the experience and explore their own pace.

Practicing aquamouvance means moving in harmony with the water, gently and respecting the limits of one's body. This leads to profound physical and mental relaxation, as well as overall well-being. This unique method offers a refreshing alternative to traditional fitness activities, while providing a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Your teachers 


AquaVie Aquamassage Trainings

No prior experience or background is needed for the AquaVie Trainings. They are open to anyone dedicated to learn. Take one or take them all! 

Not sure which courses to take?
What training series is for me?

Open to Health Professionals with anatomy and palpatory training such as osteos, physios, chiros, massage therapists, kinesologists, physicians or others upon review of your background.

Therapeutic Aquatic Bodywork Trainings

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