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AquaVie 1

This course is the first course which can be completed on it's own or be part of  a complete training  AquaVie 1 teaches us the basics of doing a surface aqua-massage with support and floatation aids.

July 14 1-5pm, July 15-16, 9-6pm, 2023
in Montreal
Instructor:  Jennie Anstey, D.O.

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AquaVie 1: Full reviw
August 10th 1-5pm

AquaVie 2

 This second course adds many precise techniques along the spine, limbs and head.  AquaVie 2 is truly a full body series to open the body to receive the spiralling forces of nature to work through us.

August 11-1th, 2023 in Montréal
Instructor: Carole Dion  
Assistant: Jennie Anstey, D.O.


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AquaVie 2: Group supervision and review
September 8th, 2023

AquaVie 3 

This third course is done underwater at times both with the client and the practiciner, using a mask and-or noseplugs.  These are advanced techniques requiring the much previous experience with clients in the water to develop the palpatory skills and listening presence to bring them deeper.  Breath control and deep states of relaxation are jewels of this work.

March or April TBA, 2024 in Sutton QC
Instructor: Carole Dion  
Assistant: Jennie Anstey, D.O.

AquaVie  Formation

Carole Dion is the creator of this approach and it is the fruit of more than 40 years of her experience working in the water.


A complete training is given in stages:

AquaVie (surface) 1

AquaVie 2 (surface)

AquaVie 3 (underwater with masks)


There is no pre-requisite to take this training, as it's designed to be easy for anyone to learn and has a comprehensive mentorship to correct and guide you during the training.  As an osteopath, I often see similarities with this method and the General Osteopathic Treatment (GOT) techniques, so it is a great complement to other aquatic bodywork approaches in water.

Other steps outside class hours are:

a) 10 hours of massage practice sessions per level

b) Introduction to Aquamouvance (wave forms, aquadance in solo, partners and groups): July 10-12th with Carole Dion.  To register:  $360

c)One Group supervision per course to review and integrate

(AquaVie 1:  Aug 10th 1-5pm, AquaVie 2:  Sept 8th 12-5pm)

d) Private supervisions one-on-one with a teacher. (by appointment on Oct 14-15, Nov 23 and-or Dec 10th, 2023).  

e) Aquatic First Aid

Each course entitles you a certificate of hours, but to receive a full AquaVie diploma, these steps will become essential to the entire training.

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