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Bring your practice to the water

We have something for everyone who wants to learn.
 Retreats, Classes and AquaVie Aquamassage Trainings are open to the public.​  If you are a health professional, you can join the Therapeutic Aquatic Bodywork Trainings.


AquaVie Aquamassage Trainings

No prior experience or background is needed for the AquaVie Trainings. They are open to anyone dedicated to learn. Take one or take them all! 

I want to learn! 
What training series is for me?

Open to Health Professionals with anatomy and palpatory training such as osteos, physios, chiros, massage therapists, kinesologists, physicians or others upon review of your background.

Therapeutic Aquatic Bodywork Trainings

AquaVie Trainings
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