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What is Osteopathy?

Anyone can benefit from an osteopathic session.  Clients may arrive for various reasons: an injury or localized pain, joint restrictions, headaches, digestive problems, chronic health problems, hormonal imbalances,  stress, anxiety, pre and post-natal care or simply a wellness check-up.  Most people get pretty curious about the diversity of challenges which osteopathy can treat.  We look for the cause of the issue, so your whole life history is relevant.  This means the treatment is global and goes beyond our rational understanding of our discomforts to deep somatic awareness.  

The body is a total unit of function with a potency of intelligence expressed in the Breath of Life which is Primary Respiration. This is more than just the breath of air.  These layered biorhythms present in the body mobilize every bone, every cell and the fluid matrix which supports you. An osteopath is trained in many manual techniques which can re-establish body functions by aligning your structure so that blood flows, nerves fire, lungs breathe and bones anchor you in optimal form.

For more information you can refer to these associations. Most association sites have lists of professionals to find someone in your area:


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