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Castor oil wraps are an easy solution to improve your lymphatic drainage and enhance the overall health.  These wraps have a double-layer design, the inner layer is made of soft cotton fabric, which can better absorb castor oil. The outer layer is effectively waterproof and oil-proof, so you have no worries about castor oil leaking when you use it.  There is a zipper pocket where you can place heat or cold packs to accelerate castor oil absorption or cool you down depending on your need.


How to use castor oil packs?  It's easy!  Place approximately 1 tablespoon of castor oil in the middle of the pack.  The first time you use one you will want to use 2 tablespoons because the flannel will soak up more of the oil the first time.  Place it where you need and secure it with the sturdy straps around yourself.  Leave it on for about  1 hour, then remove.   The pocket allows you to place a heating pack inside for warmth and deeper absorption.  These packs are easily washable. 


This kit includes two premium-quality wraps:  one for your neck or around a wrist or ankle and one for your abdomen-waist.  These are adjustable with solid strong velcro. Our kit also includes a 32mL bottle of Organic Castor Oil so you can get started right away! 

Castor Oil Kit: Waist and Neck

  • Large Pocket pack: 41.34in x 9.84in
    Small Neck, Wrist, Arm or Ankle pack: 18in x 6in
    Organic Castor Oil 32ml

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