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This is a blue float set of a helmet and leg cuffs to help your head and legs be suspended while you enter a state of deep relaxation.  This 3-piece set sends you deeply within yourself, creating the feeing disconnecting from the outer world when floating in the water!  Neuro-sensitive and ADHD-types love this floating gear.


The ergonomic helmet is comfortable-fitting and protects the ears from water or debris when floating. You can even tuck your hair up inside of the cap if you have long hair. The swimming cap has good elasticity, can be easily stretched, and does not deform after stretching. Ther is no need to inflate, so just wear and go! It is made from neoprene wrapping bouyancy pads inside.The 2 leg floats that are included fold up in 4 sections for easy transport. They have a velcro closure on an adherent soft material, so there are no rough velcro loops to scratch your skin if you rub up against them.  It all comes in a mesh carry bag for easy transport.

Float Helmet and Leg Cuffs Set

  • Helmet size: 20cm x 13.5cm x 8.5cm (7.87in x 5.31in x 3.35in)

    Leg float size: 58cm x 15cm x 1cm (22.83in x 5.78in x 0.39in), in a 4-piece folding design.

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