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You have everything you need to set started working on scar tissue adherences, cellulite or painful areas using these set of 3 silicone suction cups in a holographic vinyl bag for easy cleaning and storage!  A luxurious bottle of neutral massage oil from Zayat Aroma is also included which you will need to prepare the skin so that the cups slowly glide.  When they are kept moving along the skin you won't end up with swollen red skin afterwards.  This allows the fascial layers to have space between them after surgeries such as c-sections, joint replacements and organ operations.  The difference sizes will allow you to work just about everywhere on your body, even your hands and feet.  A few weeks after the skin has healed and sealed you can get started. The silicone material is non-toxic and durable. 


Using these can also improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, help clean pores and tighten skin tissues.  They are the best facial you could give yourself for crow feet, forehead wrinkles and the medium cups are the best lip plumpers around!  Forget botox or surgical lifts and try these first! 

Scar Massage Suction Cups

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