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Organic Pomegranate Oil,  cold-pressed from the luscious pomegranate seeds of Greece, provides unparalleled moisturization and rejuvenation with cortisone-like and progesterone-like properties.  The oil's anti-inflammatory attributes make it an ideal choice for regenerating and restoring the pH of the skin and scalp.  Scientific studies have revealed the remarkable protective effects of pomegranate oil to UVB rays, making it your friend in the sun.  It boasts a unique compound, punicic acid, which along with its massive concentration of vitamin C and phytosterols, collaborates to stimulate collagen production and cellular regeneration, promoting a youthful and radiant appearance.  The benefits don't stop there – pomegranate oil also encourages the production of keratinocytes. These essential components help fibroblasts stimulate cell turnover, ensuring your skin remains vibrant and healthy.  Elevate your skincare experience and indulge in the nourishing embrace of this exceptional oil, designed to bring out the best in your skin and hair.


Botanical name: Punica granatum. 

Size:  32ml

Organic Pomegranate Oil

  • 32 mL

  •  Born in Egypt, Mikaël Zayat, alchimist by essence, has spent over 30 years mastering the art of distilling aromatic plants to extract their essences (oils). He is a world renowned pioneer in holistic aromatherapy and in the distillation of plants native to Quebec. As well, he imports hundreds of essences from around the world. Appropriately enough, his last name, Zayat, comes from an Arab word which means maker of oil.

    “Plants are our best teachers…trees can teach us what no other master can”- Mikael Zayat


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