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Say goodbye to slouching and remind yourself great posture!  If you sit at a desk job often this is for you! This brace is designed to provide optimal support helping to alleviate discomfort in the spine, and assistive in rehabiliation for shoulder and clavicular injuries.  You can effortlessly put it on and adjust the straps to fit your body, just like adjusting a backpack.  You can easily wear it under your clothes if you are on the go!

Shoulder & Spine Postural Brace

  • There are 2 sizes availiable according to the circumference of your waist:  29-36 inches or 33-42 inches measured around your waist just below your belly button. 

    The black straps are soft and comfortable made from:  15% Nylon, 75% Polyester & 10% Neoprene. 

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