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This book is a comprehensive guide to natural and easy-to-access remedies for insomnia and poor sleep hygiene that will help you finally achieve a good night’s rest.  In our restless, modern world, where many of us feel overtired and under pressure, having a routine sleeping schedule is more important now than ever. A restful night is crucial to mental and physical health and general wellbeing, yet so often sleep seems to be left out of our self-care routines, leaving us groggy and tired.  This book is here to get you and your body back in sync. Combining self-help approaches and relaxation methods, The Natural Sleeper offers a comprehensive collection of therapeutic solutions to help you sleep better using natural remedies.


Take charge, commit to change, and embark on an explorative journey to sleeping through the night with these soothing solutions designed to keep you healthy and improve your sleep rituals. 

The Natural Sleeper

  • Julie Wright is an entrepreneur, sleep ambassador, speaker, and author of The Natural Sleeper—an introduction to an extensive range of natural, complementary, and alternative solutions, therapies, techniques, practices, and tips to help improve our sleep. Julie is the Chief Sleep Orchestrator and founder of WeSleep, a wellbeing provider focused on sleep, providing webinars, workshops, lectures, discussion panels, one-to-one consultations, and therapeutic sessions on the topic of sleep deprivation and insomnia to a wide range of organizations and business clients such as start-ups, agencies, media and entertainment companies, banks, festivals, conferences, non-profit, education and government organizations, and many more.  Visit her online at

  • This is a 192 page paperback book by Simon and Schuster, (2021). 

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