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This wrist and thumb brace provides optimal support and stabilization for those suffering from wrist and thumb injuries, allowing for proper alignment and healing of tendons and soft tissues. Perfect for rehabilitation purposes, this splint brace can be worn on either the left or right hand, making it a versatile and functional solution for all individuals.


Stablize your wrist to avoid repeated damage to the thumb joint.  With this product there is free range of movement to all the other digits, so your injury won’t hinder your daily activities.  You can use to it at work, sports and strength training and even while you sleep. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to effective recovery with this adjustable wrist and thumb brace made from 40% Nylon, 45% Polyester & 15% Neoprene.   In your rehabiliation journey you may need this 24-hour support and stability to keep inflammation down and a chance for your body to heal and reset.

Wrist and Thumb Brace

  • Available in two sizes, small for those with a hand measurement of less than 21cm and large for those with a measurement of more than 22cm, this brace is customizable for a comfortable and secure fit. 

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